Aardeater as seen in The Mutants Who Cried Monster

Aardeater is a mutant in the mutant's town who was spliced with an aardvark, an anteater, and an echidna. He has appeared throughout the series as a background character.


  • In Whirrel Call and Same Difference his voice changes.
  • His voice is a deep voice when he shouts "FUZZY!" and a high-pitch voice that is heard when Entree, whose brain was accidently transplanted into a whirrel's body (and vice versa), throws him into the island's volcano.
  • One funny moment with this character happened in "Two Arms Joe", when Joe agreed to marry him!
  • In some episodes like (Ex.) "Sugar Low", he was often seen next or near to the Flying Flog and was seen smiling at each other before Peri and Entree came rolling into them along with everybody else which could mean they like each other.