Best Before Date
Season 1, Episode 7a
Best before date-episode
Directed by Matt Ferguson
Storyboard by {{{storyboard}}}
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Best Before Date was the tenth episode of the TV series.

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At the supermarket, Entrèe has a barcode on his butt scanned, and finds out that he is two days away from his "best before date", after which he will supposedly turn to mush. After a day of trying desperately to "turn back the clock", Entrèe switches places with Peri, pretending that Peri is Entrèe, with only a day to live. Peri, buying the deception, decides to destroy all of "his" stuff, and tells his friends what he really thinks of them, as read in "his" diary. When the time finally comes, Peri realises the truth, and Entrèe, instead of turning to mush, gains a hair-like growth of mould.

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  • To be continued...

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