Fairy Odd Princesses
Season 1, Episode 4a
Fairly odd princesses-episode title
Directed by Matt Ferguson
Storyboard by {{{storyboard}}}
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Fairy Odd Princesses was the seventh episode of the TV series.


After Peri and Entrèe accidentally shoot themselves into the sky with one of Fuzzy's transportations, Entrèe uses his chicken wings to stop him and Peri falling to their death. However, he crashes through a building and loses control. After they crash through a make-up store, a clothesline and a wig shop (completely changing their appearance) they land in the tree house of Princess Pony, who believes they are magical fairies. After learning she'll give them everything they ask for in return for fairy tales and fairy songs, Entrèe decides to use Princess to get everything he wants.

Description Edit

Trivia Edit

The title is a pun on the tv series "Fairly Odd Parents"

Video Edit

Spliced 02 No Play For Princess ~ Cleaning Up ( High Quality )22:46

Spliced 02 No Play For Princess ~ Cleaning Up ( High Quality )

Spliced Fairly Odd Princesses10:04

Spliced Fairly Odd Princesses

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