Fuzzy Snuggums

Fuzzy Snuggums

Pig, Hamster, Explorer?
Best friends:
Peri (sometimes), Entrée (sometimes)
First Appearance:

Fuzzy Snuggums was a mutant who lived on the island with the other mutants. He was a small yellow furry creature that liked exploring. He is usually the target of Peri and Entree's bullying and mean pranks.

It was revealed by Two-Legs Joe that a long time ago, the mad Doctor chose him and Octocat to become super soldiers when he felt threatened by the robots on Robot Island.

After seeing that Fuzzy would be hard to handle in that state, he later conditioned his to study exploration. However, he would revert back to her super-soldier form if he was exposed to certain explosions (e.g. attached to fireworks when they go off).

He is in search of Amazotopia (parody of Amazonas and Atlantis).

When Fuzzy felt sad, peri and the other mutants made the island look like the famous city which was Fuzzy's goal of finding, Amazontopia. (Fuzzy's Great Adventure)