The Mad Doctor

Mad Doctor


The Doctor was a tall sinister looking human who worked in his lab on Keep Away Island and was the one who created all of the mutants on the island.

Unfortunately the Doctor was captured on a boat and the mutants were left to their own devices, which resulted in them creating a town, along with a mayor. Sometimes some of the mutants head to the Doctor's lab, to use his inventions to solve their problems.

The Mad Doctor had a conflict with The Mad Scientist, who began invading Keep Away Island because of his hatred against mutants. In order to stop the Robot invasion, the Mad Doctor created to super-soldiers: Octocat and Fuzzy Snuggums. The Mad Scientist's robots were no match for the two mutants, and the Doctor won the battle.

The bird species, which is the same species asLord Wingus Eternum, are the Doctor's first and greatest creations. (One Joe Wingus)

  • He is mostly never seen in the series except for flashbacks, mentions and also in the starting chorus of each episode.