Ed whilst being ridden by Entree and peri
Whirrel brotherhood of the furry flipper

The "Brotherhood of the Furry Flipper"

Whirrels are wild Whale/Squirrels creatures found on Keep Away Island. In one episode, Entrèe's brain was stuck in the body of a Whirrl, named Ed.

Opening whirrel

The whirrel which falls on top of the word "Spliced"(in the opening)

In the opening titles a Whirrl falls on top of the word "Spliced!".

Trivia Edit

  • It is not part skunk despite its black and white fur.
  • By the looks of it, the whale parts look more like an Orca
  • Ed is a more jolly whirrel than the others

Furry Flipper MembersEdit

The members of the Furry Flipper are old whirrels who have been tortured by Entree and took revenge on him

(Whirrel Call)


Ed is a bluish,black coloured whirrel who was also tortured by Entree and then he switched brains with Entree and had a good life in Entree's body.

(Whirrel Call)

Other WhirrelsEdit

The other whirrels have not been tortured by Entree.They are a different colour than Ed and the Furry Flipper Members.They appear in some episodes.