Yetis Don't Care About Nothin'
Season 1, Episode 4b
Yetis dont care about Nothin-episode
Directed by Matt Ferguson
Storyboard by {{{storyboard}}}
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Yetis Don't Care About Nothin was the fifth episode of the TV series.


Entrèe is bored and decides to have fun on the island. Peri, Joe and Patricia stop him and he accuses them as fun wreckers. The next morning Entrèe jet-skis the island to Antarctica and the island is attacked by Yetis. When Entrèe discovers that Yetis can do whatever they want he decides to join them.

Summary Edit

The story begins when Peri is walking and discovers Entree trying to swallow his house whole. Peri, along with Joe and patricia the others and they tell him to stop. Feeling grumpy not not being able to eat his own house, he then decides to use only his tongue, which was viewed as disgusting and was later told to stop. The next day, Entree jets skis the island which ultimately leads them to Antartica.

Stuck in the Antartica, with the controls for the island broken, most of the mutants with the exception of Entree become fearful of the native yetis. Seeing that the yetis are doing whatever they want, including using their tongue and eating a house, Entree wants to join them, even dressing himself up as one.

Entree was currently enjoying his time with the yeti, who give him a bath of barbeque sauce, he eventually becomes suspicious that they might be trying to eat him. Willing to get away from the yeti, the others tie him up to the island and he hauls the island back to its original destination.

The Yeti that are still on the island are feeling extremely hot, Entree begins to gloat. However, the yeti begins to talk to english and reveals that they were just cooking some other meat, Entree, realizing his mistake, begs to be a part of the group, the the yeti dismisses it by saying "the circle of trust is already broken", at that moment, their UFO in the form of an iceberg, retrives them.

Lamenting that he had lost his chance to do whatever he wanted, the others want to make it up to him, which Entree decided to use Joe as a jetski attached to Entree's tongue.

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed that the island has some controls like a ship's steering wheel and a motor speed device which moves the island.
  • The mutants were scared of Yetis after what happened in Livin' La Vida Lava, and like in that episode the yetis don't like being hot.
  • The next title is similar to this episode's title.